As the demand for all kinds of hemp products is growing, it is the right time to get involved as a supplier or seller of our AGROSLOVEN brand products. We always offer fresh and prepared hemp products for immediate delivery to your valued customers. Supporting cannabis represents an opportunity for real people with the right values ​​to truly influence the most important issue of our time: the state of our domestic and global environment.
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”white label”
Making your own product completely is a complex and frighteningly expensive thing especially at the very beginning. After all, your project requires complex formulations, specialized ingredients, reliable testing, precise production. So simplify your business model and focus on building a distribution network and your own brand. AGROSLOVEN cooperative will provide you with sustainable cooperation, quality, consistency and appropriate hemp raw materials and products to satisfy today’s demanding consumers.
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konopljina semena_ konopljin cvet_cbd_prvakvaliteta_agrosloven_cbd_konoplja slovenija_domače_www.agrosloven.com
konoplja_cvet_prvakvaliteta_agrosloven_cbd_konoplja slovenija_domače_www.agrosloven.com

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