The idea of establishing a cooperative for hemp production and processing was born in 2015 as an alternative route to global digitalization, virtual currencies, and artificial intelligence. Hence team Agrosloven decided to turn back to nature, aiming to offer something real and tangible as well as to contribute to the agriculture and economy with a higher level of added value.

In the society of the future hemp as a plant with industrial uses will take over an important role in the aspect of self-sufficiency, helping to minimize pollution and reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

We started our journey with exploring and collecting a wide range of knowledge in the field of setting long term conditions for joining the world’s most successful hemp production organizations. The cooperative was established in the spirit of aspiring for the highest quality of hemp production and processing, being aware that the only way to stay competitive in this highly developed industry is to stand tall and keep our standards high.


Supply the market with cannabidiol and different hemp products emphasising the importance of local origins and Slovenian production.

Encourage quality hemp production, introducing Slovenian hemp and its products to foreign markets while providing the option of purchase.

Reinvest the profit into technical development and professional knowledge exchange.

Ensure the quality and integrity of hemp products with credible labelling as nowadays hemp producers are prone to mislabel the concentration of CBD.

Respect state, European and Global institution recommendations such as recommended daily intake (RDI) and good manufacturing practices (GMP) as well as to ensure efficient raw material tracking.

To take the trustworthy way of trading for our advantage.

Keep our quality standards high and maintain product integrity in order to offer long term supply.

Interact with other potential cultivators, share our knowledge of hemp production and processing so we can bind our strengths and offer competitive quantities to foreign markets.

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